What's New
by Diana Gordon


  • Inspired by Iceland: My first ever pen and ink was donated and "sold" at the 2019 Little Black Frame Event, a fund-raiser for the DVSA. I have also submitted 2 more sketches for their 50th Annual Art Auction, which is pending...sigh!
  • At the DVSA and the AGH I have taught, and hope to soon continue teaching Landscape, Post-Impressionism, Colour Theory, Abstraction, Realism and many more workshops and courses.


  • At the AGH: Winter 2017 taught an abstract painting class Learning from the Master...Inspired by Edward Burtynsky in conjunction with the AGH exhibit Witness: Edward Burtynsky.
  • At the DVSA: taught Even More Exploring Landscape with the Group of 7. This is becoming a very popular course!


  • At the AGH: Winter 2017 taught Still Life with Stories - Painting Objects with Personal Meaning.
  • Conducted 3 Painting Uncorked sessions at the AGH Annex - all Group of 7 Landscapes.
  • Donated this Group of 7 copy done at Painting Uncorked to the AGH Gala 2017 auction.
  • At the DVSA: Conducted 2 Licensed to Colour, First Friday Workshops - on colour theory basics using colouring book templates.
  • Spring 2017 taught Exploring Landscape with the Group of 7 and Fall 2017 Part 2 - More Exploring...
  • October 2017 exhibited 2 Florals at the Faculty Exhibition, Dofasco Gallery, DVSA    


  • Exhibited 2 oil paintings at the Faculty Art Show, Dundas Valley School of Art (DVSA)
  • Exhibited 2 paintings at Art in the Workplace, McMaster Innovation Park
  • Taught "Exploring and Applying Colour Theory" at the DVSA Spring Term
  • Participated in Doors Open, Mill Arts Building (my studio) at The Cotton Factory
  • Taught "Learning from the Masters: The Canadian Landscape" AGH Spring and Fall Terms
  • Taught "Let's Explore Colour" AGH Winter Term


  • Taught "Drawing FUNdamentals", Nov/Dec. at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.
  • Taught "Learning from the Masters - the Group of Seven" This class was in conjunction with the Art Gallery of Hamilton Art for a Century: 100 for the 100th.
  • With great pleasure, I received The Ann and Bill Manson Outstanding Docent of the Year Award for 2015, Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Cézanne et moi Project 2014-2015

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  • I taught Learning From the Master - Cézanne's Apples a 6-week course based on Cézanne's use of colour, composition and brushwork at the AGH in conjunction with the Paul Cézanne Still Life Exhibition, Winter 2015
  • My 3 apple paintings, in the style of Cézanne, were displayed at the Shop at AGH. The donated Fruit with Coffee Mug was purchased at the 2016 AGH Gala Fundraiser.
  • View Cézanne et moi (pdf) a Power-point presentation for the AGH Volunteer Docents on October 2014.
  • My version of Basket of Apples... after Cézanne sold in 2016. Thanks to RZ.

  • An article on the Cézanne et Moi project was published in the The Cotton Factory Newsletter and online September 2014.

Flowers for Leah Special Project

  • The 12 Flowers for Leah have now found homes, with all proceeds to her daughter's trust fund. My thanks to many supporters.
  • Two of these paintings were accepted in the 18th Exhibit of Art in the Workplace, McMaster University Innovation Park 175 Longwood South. Click here for details.
    Several were also exhibited at Bryce Kanbara's you me gallery and the Vintage Garden Tea Room on Locke St. South.

Previous News

  • Two Classical Realism paintings were shown in 17th Exhibit of Art in the Workplace, McMaster University Innovation Park 175 Longwood South. Click here for details.
  • Participated in Doors Open Hamilton 2012-2016: guided tours of the old Cosmo-Imperial Cotton Mill, now renamed The Cotton Factory.
  • My television debut en français! for a 270 Sherman promo aired on Ruby TFO TV Episode 7 October 2012

  • Exhibited "Imperial Cotton 1", in "Industrial Re-evolution"at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, 2011-2012

  • Sept. 2012 Participated in a Plein Air Workshop (HCA) at Hamilton's Supercrawl.

  • These 3 designs for park benches (laser-cut steel backs) were shortlisted for the 2010 Palladium Park Public Art competition, Burlington Ontario.