Oil Paintings
by Diana Gordon

Artist's Statement


I love to paint - the nervous excitement of an empty canvas; the detailed planning of form, composition and colour. Magic moments come when thoughts are silent, when the hand and brush dance together. Doubt and dislike often precede that final touch which says “It is done. This painting holds all I have to say.”

What are my influences?

northern forests and lakes
Cree and Ojibwa people who live on the land
did I mention Lawren Harris and the Group of Seven?

the frustrations and creative joy of motherhood
my best supporter and patron - John
did I mention my awesome children?

guiding children and adults through the Art Gallery of Hamilton
many wonderful mentors in art - Syd Brittan, V. Jane Gordon, Alex Dzyubko-Doyle
did I mention Vermeer and now Cézanne?

middle-aged in the urban domestic milieu
a renewed connection to the spiritual
through Reiki, Tai Chi and "A Course in Miracles"

and a sense that only my own negativity can hold me back.

We are all born creative. Anyone can learn to paint. I did. Take an art course. Buy a how-to book.
Take one of my courses! Take a close look at something you love. Get some brushes, paint and paper. Go and try it!