on Lakes...
by Diana Gordon

Lake Effects


I went back to my lake.
It was before me
then gone again.
Into memory from experience.
Standing on our old campsite
looking north to the point,
Am I really here, in the now?
Memories are so strong
they overtake the moment.

  Lake of Deep Waters

Tall white pines
fluttering poplar leaves
clucking birds and
rustling chipmunks.
The smell of hot, sun-warmed
pine needles
spicy labrador tea
damp moss cushions.
Tree roots snaking along
rock crevasses.
Incredible blue sky
and bluer water.
Rock domes.
Rock forever, from forever
weathered and cracked.

Provincial Park

The harmonic roar of
float plane take-offs.
The sound of motorboats
slamming of outhouse doors
crackle of tires and feet
on gravel.
The slap of waves
against the dock
Emily’s ha-a-a-ha, ha-a-a-ha
answering loon call.
Trucks down shifting
for the bend in the road.


After a day or so
minute details of
fuzzy head full brain thoughts
start to dissipate.
Clear pine tree Mind takes hold.
Fresh air in the nostrils
Fresh feelings in the Body.
Spirit begins to reach
the tree tops,
begins to submerge
in bronze salmon steel-blue
sunset water.
Heart starts to glow
with orange crimson clouds
floating then solidifying against
darkened silhouette forest.


Soul movement.
The Wind speaks
carrying its own thoughts.
The Forest so full of life
it draws me along
like a wave.
I am alive
not buried in meaningless details.
Larger, expanded
clearer, more real.
   I sing
    I soar
     I exhilarate myself.
     I am connected
      more beautiful
   I am confident
I am at home.


Clear Pine Tree Mind
Stay with me
down here.
Open me when I try to close in.
Fill my heart with fresh joy.