Saundi Vivian


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In the group Convergence as part of 10 Body Contexts in the corner is a book called Hieroglyphics. The focus of the installation is problem solution oriented where the perceptions flip with the solution being the problem and the problem being the solution depending on beliefs.

The foundation is the diptych War & Peace and Women. It is an examination taken from library books arranged on the canvas to show what images are being selected and put into history and the psyche of people throughout the world. What has been left out is another comment on selective knowledge of what isn't depicted by those with direct experience or gifted imagination.

Floating above the diptych are two fairy tales that have risen above adult issues to show a regression to childhood concerns and childish solutions. The problems of childhood with disconnection and longing are revisited within adult struggles and sometimes individually they can seem more important than the troubles of the world. Both stories are representative of my ongoing work based on subconscious yearning through outsider art that is created regardless of effect. In fact they are in the show based on a studio visit with the Convergence mentor Jane Gordon and her discernment that the books would be a good addition to my installation.

Jane also encouraged me to create a work based on my involvement with fashion design that would have artistic resonance to my subject position as an outsider joining in the dominant social discourse. The Framed Dress is my design with the arms shaped like wings though not deliberately. In reality the dress is a found object of my own making.

Hieroglyphics is meant to be read as a half open book.