Wayne Moore

Corporate Father

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Powerful forces work to seduce longing along pathways of false satisfaction...our longing becomes numb and the belonging becomes empty and cold...intensifies isolation and distance. (O'Dononhue, Eternal Echoes, 1999).

Our bodies know when they belong and can be deeply wounded when marginalized. The cost of this false belonging is a loss of spirit and originality. As I look back after 10 years, some of the perks given by the corporate father to me the worker /son, now signify my false belonging. My office, title, authority, privilege were symbols of the oligarchy's power. Now as son/art worker, I revisited the place of my wounding and present images which explore the posturing of the "plush factor", the corner office with the window, office size, the proxemics of chairs, the privacy door, the parking spot, master keys and pass cards, where the quality of corporate perks signify rank in the tribe.