Donna Giles

Come to My Table

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A mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend. A daughter of the divine. Speaking prophetically. Listening to and knowing divine inner promptings. Participating in life. Risking involvement. Telling my story. Listening to life.

In my faith traditions, bread and wine symbolize and become the body and blood of Christ. In my domestic space, coffee, tea, a glass of water, blueberry muffins, or a pot of soup have likewise embodied the Spirit of Christ in life shared both physically and symbolically around my kitchen table. Enlarging my image of God to include a Feminine Divine has given me voice, feet, hands, and heart, transforming my domestic realm into a sacred space. Transforming others. Transforming me.

In the gallery space I have constructed a mixed media installation, “Come to My Table”. This installation calls up the space of a domestic temple. The role of the prophetess is central to the life shared in the temple and around the table. This domestic space exists to enable her work to take place. She invites all to share a ritual, a story, a life. She honours matrilineal heritage, receives wisdom and connects me to the Divine.