Introduction To The Mentoring Project

George Wale, Director of Programs Burlington Art Centre

The Burlington Art Centre programs reflect our community's complex and varied interests and activities. We consider every Art Centre program and service to be, among other things, an educational experience ... an opportunity to develop one's appreciation and understanding of the visual arts through exhibitions, studio courses, tours, school workshops, artists' and curators' talks, critiques, special events, lectures, and seminars.

Our selection of programs continues to be based, primarily, on the wants and needs of the region's artists, curators, arts writers, students, families, craftspeople, exhibition visitors, younger and older individuals and groups. In 1999, the curatorial group, Dawn White Beatty, Associate Curator of Programs, Jonathan Smith, Curator of the Collection, and George Wale, Director of Programs set out to further expand and enhance the range of program opportunities and the relationships between our artistic communities of interest and the Art Centre's programming. The support and encouragement for the continued growth, development, and learning of the members of our community is a fundamental issue within our programming plans.

The Mentoring Project, facilitated by V. Jane Gordon, began in 1999. It was a special two-year education/development activity intended to further expand upon the Art Centre's programming for our seven resident guilds and our BAC artist members. Ten artists were selected from an open call to all BAC and guild members. The group of ten has become the Convergence Collective featured in this exhibition. Our goal was to provide a supportive and inspirational environment for significant artistic development and transformative learning. The Art Centre is proud to have been a part of this successful collaboration.