Lois Crawford

Swamp Wom(b)an

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During the past two years I have become increasingly entranced by the primal qualities of areas such as the Beverly Swamp. My goal, prior to this mentoring project with Jane Gordon, had been to simply express the energy and excitement I experience there, through the immediacy of location painting.

However, I had begun to feel dissatisfied with my work. I needed to discover the depths of my connectedness with such fecund areas. What is it about the swamp that lures me so? This project has encouraged me to examine the reasons that prompt such passion and to explore new approaches and concepts in art-making to communicate my deepest response.

This exquisite personal connectedness with the swamp is as one woman to another. The swamp, in womanly fashion, perpetuates its own continuum in its muddy, marshy land, scattering its seeds, growing, dying, nurturing its plants and creatures, just as I, wom(b)an, nurture my family.

I rejoice in the swamp's graceful lesson of struggle and survival. We co-exist.

The swamp is a paradigm for a society and/or family that survives. Sensuous, struggling for independence yet interdependent, reliant for a future on its history, on each and every organism within its realm, and yet, adapting to new technologies.

I celebrate bog, forest and swampland as a woman, artist and writer.

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